Optimize for Resiliency 

When the power goes out, you'll stay on.

Why Storage?

Including battery storage as a part of your unique home solar system adds many benefits.
  • Peace of Mind

    With battery backup, you can leave home and not worry about what will happen if the power goes out while you're away.

  • No More Reliance

    It can take a utility company days to restore power after an outage. With storage, your solar system can produce and provide for your home's essential needs.

  • Resiliency

    Powerful natural disasters are becoming more and more common, storage will help you be ready to brave the storm.

  • Extra Incentives

    On top of the government incentives already given to homeowners with solar panels, those with battery storage can take advantage of extra monetary adders and programs.

How Does Storage Work?

    • The sun generates more energy than you need! On a sunny day when your panels are making more energy than you are using, the excess will be stored in your battery.
    • Your battery saves this energy  This energy will be stored until your panel production can't keep up with your demand.
    • Use that energy when you need it  Whether its cloudy out, or your house has an outage, your house is covered.
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Resiliency Without Reliance 

As powerful storms become more and more common, power outages are as well. Homeowners who are simply connected to the traditional outdated energy grid have no control over when their power goes out and how long they'll have to stay in the dark. Solar plus storage removes this burdensome reliance and puts the power where it belongs, in the hands of the homeowner.

Let battery storage take your solar system to the next level.

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